Monday, October 19, 2009

I wanted to Thank

I first want to thank you for your time. I wanted to write to you and let you know how much the Angel Food Ministries has helped to repair my families life.

I have been the Manager for grocery stores in Florida, North Carolina for 6 years, and the GM for a hotel which had 2 restaurants and a bar for 2 years. I have now found myself unemployed without any income. My wife is the school nurse for our local school which the pay isn't enough to support a family of 4.

Our grocery bill was an average of $800 a month. We had to cut back greatly. My wife heard about AFM from a friend. We found out that the host site was Christ Church in our town of Deposit. The church is less than a block from our home!

We went online and ordered our first order after looking at the menu and seeing what a great selection and variety of food there is. I have purchased food for companies for 8 years and know the planning and organization it takes to do what you do. I am impressed.

I was however sceptical at first about the quality of the food. The price was right but what about the freshness, the overall quality? Well let me tell you, great! Again, I am impressed. So impressed that me, Mr. Skeptic, began to tell everyone about your company, the quality of the food, and the help that you have given me as well as thousands of others. My wife as well, a school nurse, is in contact with many people in need of better health, financial help, and the AFM help support both. She shares what the AFM provides with so many people as well.

This is such a great program for people from single parents, to struggling families, senior citizens, to the couples on the go. It provides a wide selection of healthy fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats, etc... everyone can benefit from your organization.

We now have friends from Ohio to NY sharing in the blessings that the AFM provides.

Our host site, Christ Church, is so organized, friendly, and helpful that it is a pleasure to go there and recieve not only our orders but support from the many people that donate their time to volunteer. They are a blessing themselves.

Now back to that $800 dollar a month food bill that I spoke of. With the help of the AFM my families food bill for a family of 4 has gone from $800 a month to $330 a month. That includes my monthly purchase from AFM as well as the weekly runs to the grocery store for the small supplementing needed. That to me is amazing and my family has not felt deprived of anything.

Again, I just wanted to say thank you to you, your co-workers, as well as all of the host sites for what they have been able to do for individuals and families like mine.

Many blessings to you all,
Matthew C. Russell

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