Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Voices from Our Volunteers

We here at Angel Food Ministries wanted to share the experiences of our volunteers. Without these dedicated individuals, AFM would not be able to provide the nation’s families with affordable, high quality food.

Recently, AFM received an email from Pastor Mark Cowart from Church for All Nations in Colorado Springs, CO. He could only sing praises for the determined Host Site Director and volunteer team as they faced wintery challenges during their local distribution in March. In appreciation Pastor Joe wanted to share their triumphant story.

This is the letter Angel Food Ministries received from Pastor Daniel Spangler from Church of All Nations Southwest Campus.

“Winds this morning were between 45 and 50 plus mph, making the snow feel like tiny needles. With these conditions, the Angel Food volunteers knew this would be a challenging distribution, but attacked and unloaded the truck as fast as any other month. We actually had the truck driver back his truck up to provide us and the other host sites some wind protection. This helped while we loaded the perspective churches with their boxes. We gave half the outside team a break so they could warm up inside for 15 minutes. Then they would then switch off and another team would go warm up. Even with the treacherous conditions no one wanted to leave, talk about camaraderie (for food, WOW). After serving all the host sites, we loaded our foyer with the food for our distribution (thank goodness no more wind).

I thought that today would be the distribution that people would stay home considering the high winds and snow, but they all proved me wrong, every box was handed out. Some of them sat in the foyer thawing out, while we served them and then walked them back to their car. The volunteers were incredible Pastor, you should have seen them.

One of the AFM volunteers, Paul even came out and threw down some ice-melt on the sidewalks so people wouldn’t slide. No injuries, thank you God!

Our outreach team was also at Southwest today. We coordinated with Fort Carson to have families come to and pick up a box of food. The team did an amazing job. A total of 54 boxes were distributed to our Military families.

A special thank you goes to all the volunteers. We could not have accomplished distribution today without God’s help and our volunteers.”

Angel Food Ministries appreciates the hard work and dedication of its volunteers. It is an honor to be a teaching tool for the future generations on the value of community, family and the desire to be helping hand in society.

-Courtney Armistead